ABOUT US | Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

In the last 2 years, we saw that Cambodia still maintained its Economic Growth almost 6.9% in the year 2017, which was a little bit, 0.1%, lower than 2016, and it is expected to be more and more prosperous in the following years depending mainly on the garment, construction, tourism, and banking sectors. Based on the Economic Growth perspective and potential strength of financial sector, we have been in business as financial institution since early 2016. As the favorable situation, FUTABA Microfinance Plc has achieved its ultimate outcome such as increasing numerous customers, loan portfolio, and especially we could maintain our portfolio at risk (PAR) with 0%. With those positive achievements, we all thank for the strong support from our respectful Customers.

As a Chairman, I am really appreciated to our achievement during the years, especially in 2017, complying with the Laws and Regulations of Cambodia, we would like to report our significant outcome as following:

    * Total Assets: US$ 12,054,635
    * Total Loan Outstanding: US$ 10,697,668
    * PAR (Portfolio at Risk): ZERO
    * Solvency Ratio: 54.09 %
    * Total Active Borrowers: 628
    * Four Branch Offices are operating according to plan set with operation area up to 09 provinces, 32 districts, 117 communes, and 274 villages.


We, FUTABA Microfinance Plc, will keep on long term providing best products and services to our respectful customers so that both Customers and FUTABA would achieve the DREAM together.

Our Japanese shareholder eagerly contributes to development of the next future generations in the Kingdom of Cambodia and commits himself to injecting more and more fund to FUTABA Microfinance Plc, in the upcoming years.

All members of FUTABA Microfinance Plc., would like to declare of respect to customers with highest transparency and responsibility of our mission for customers and also for society.

Lastly, we hereby express our heartfelt gratitude once again towards our respectful customers as well as to all levels of Authorities including National Bank of Cambodia, who always kindly support our business activities till now and in future. We wish to congratulate all prosperity, happiness, and blessing to our customers and their family.