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Chairman's Message


We see that in 2018, the Global Economy is still maintained good growth as in 2017, despite the tensions with trade between China and the United States, and the impact of monetary policy in some developed countries. However, for the forecast of the World Economy to grow 3.7% in 2018 and 2019, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). For Cambodia's economy, the estimated growth is 7.3% in 2018, higher than the last 4 years, mainly supporting the growth of the garment, construction and tourism sectors, along with the Royal Government's tax collection policy as well and the inflation rate is low at about 2.5%.

Global Growth continues to contribute to the growth of Cambodia's economy as confidence and investor prospects are strong and positive in Cambodia. As the consequence, we, FUTABA Microfinance Plc. still managed several major achievements such as customer and loan outstanding growth, continuing increase steadily from year to year with positive signs and prosperous for the future. Especially could be manage the portfolio at risk (PAR) in 0% and no late customers in Written-Off listing, which is the best result on credit management. This result, with the full participation of all staffs and especially the dedicated by credit department, has made efforts to manage and resolve timely.

As the Chairman, I am pleased hereby to report our achievement during the years, especially in 2018 as follows:


     * Total Assets: US$ 13,784,268
     * Total Loan Outstanding: US$ 12,804,808
     * PAR (Portfolio at Risk): ZERO
     * Solvency Ratio:  49%
     * Total Active Borrowers: 780
     *  Four Branch Offices are operating according to plan set with operation area up to 10 provinces, 38 districts, 138 communes, and 323 villages.


We, FUTABA Microfinance Plc. will keep on providing best Products and Services in a long run to our Respectful Customers, so that both Customers and us as a Financing Institute can achieve the DREAM together. All the Members of FUTABA Microfinance Plc., are kindly requested to fulfill his / her mission in full swing, with highest transparency and responsibility in order to bring the maximum benefit to the esteemed Customers and to the Society in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Our Shareholder in Japan, who is so much eager to contribute to the growth of the Next Generation in the Kingdom of Cambodia, is committing themselves for the bigger injection to us FUTABA Microfinance Plc. in the coming years according to its strategic planning and operational capabilities.

Lastly, I hereby express our heartfelt gratitude once again towards our respectful Customers as well as to all the Level of Authorities inclusive of the National Bank of Cambodia, who kindly collaborated and supported us to manage the sound and transparent activities till now, and in future too.
My all the prosperity and happiness enjoyed by our dear Customers, we remain,