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Annaul Workshop On Performance Result In 2023 & The Way Forward For 2024

On 10th February 2024, Futaba Microfinance PLC held an annual workshop on performance result in 2023 and the way forward for 2024. On this great occasion, the management of the Futaba wouldlike to thank Futaba's family for their

Innovation New Product, Employee Loan

Since Cambodia's banking and financial sector continues to grow strongly with high demand for financial services, FUTABA Microfinance PLC has developed and launched a new product called "Employee Loan" to help resolv

Annual Workshop 2017 & Strategy Plan 2018-2022 of FUTABA

FUTABA Microfinance Plc., organized an Annual Workshop 2017 and Strategic Plan 2018-2022, on 16-17 December, 2017 at Sihanouk Ville, attended by all FUTABA staff. The main purpose of the event was to show the achievement within 20

Cooporation with Wing

FUTABA Microfinance Plc, would like to inform to all FUTABA’ Customers that from August 01, 2017 on ward, you can settle your loan payment via Wing Agency in the nationwide, by simply accompanying the schedule  of